Keeping a Clean and Safe Business

In Janitorial Services in Shoreline, certain premises and facilities have returned to pre-pandemic occupancy levels. One of the most important touchpoints is ensuring that the workplace is adequately maintained, disinfected, and projects a pleasant image.


Janitorial Services in Shoreline are handled by seasoned specialists with years of experience handling office spaces, corporate offices, retail stores, fitness centers, warehouses, and other settings across the country.


According to survey results of Janitorial Services, facility managers were planning to take the following steps to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other germs:

  • 90%: Using visual reminders such as signage for renters and employees on hand cleanliness, correct distance, and other issues
  • 81 %: Install physical shields, barriers, and partitions to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.
  • 72%: Implementation of no-touch hand sanitizer units 
  • 69 %: Installing disinfectant wipe dispensers
  • 63%: advanced technology and equipment, such as temperature scanners, are being deployed

Commercial Janitorial Services managers operating in all facilities are concerned about health and safety, emphasizing workplace safety among tenants, customers, visitors, and inhabitants. Limiting sick days and the possible spread of infection will require reducing germs and viruses.


The Basics of Cleaning

In most commercial environments, including offices, industrial buildings, hospitality, manufacturing activities, educational institutions, and more, regular Janitorial Services are required. Janitorial Services companies must be aware of the best and safest procedures for dealing with various types of carpet and hard flooring.

Frequency is another vital aspect of Janitorial Services cleaning. Surfaces in busy entry sections of retail businesses, for example, may require sanitizing and disinfecting every hour. The majority of carpeted areas will be vacuumed regularly and cleaned monthly or quarterly.


Customized Services

Today's commercial cleaning firms customize their services to meet the unique requirements of each property or business. Janitorial Services personalization addresses the needs of the real estate asset to ensure employee, tenant, and visitor satisfaction.

Frequent deep-cleaning work on high-end finishes, modifying cleaning crew hours, and providing written checklists upon completion of daily duties are just a few examples.


Commercial Cleaning Services Types

Janitorial Services companies in Shoreline frequently broaden their offerings for customers to include crucial recurring duties in addition to regular Janitorial Services:

  • Cleaning carpets using extraction
  • Floor-related coatings are stripped, waxed, and reapplied.
  • Deep cleaning of parking garages
  • Disinfection using electrostatic charge
  • Using high-pressure cleaning
  • Cleaning up after construction

The Advantages of Having a Clean Facility

In this COVID-19 era, keeping a clean property or facility is one of the best measures for preventing germs, disease, and other infections. This approach is especially important in public locations and high-traffic areas and surfaces. Examples are counters in lobbies or reception areas, elevators, bathrooms, and door handles.


Apart from the health hazards posed by germs, there is a link between a clean workplace and greater employee productivity and concentration. Tenants will want and expect a clean and safe environment in income-producing buildings.


If the property is well-maintained, customers will positively impression it.